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Figure 2 IP Phone bu ttons Table 1 shows a descriptio n of the lights and buttons. Navigation cluster buttons Allows you to view items stored in your Call Log. Figure 3 Display area Button label area The button label area shows the label and status of the six programmable memory buttons.

Getting started 7 IP Phone User Gu ide Feature options area When a feature is activated, or when you are on an active call, the display command line shows you the action you must take to proceed. This means you must enter your mai lbox password. For more information about the features available to your telephon e and how to use them, refer to the Telephone Feature Card.

Contact your System Administrato r for a list of extension numbers. The button lights when the microphone is off. Press to view new items. Press to return to the last viewed item. Важным пунктом после покупки устройства Nortel Networks или даже перед его покупкой является прочтение его инструкции обслуживания. Это необходимо сделать о нескольким простым причинам: Если вы еще не купил Nortel Networks то сейчас хороший момент, чтобы ознакомиться с основными данными, касающимися изделия.

Сначала просмотрите первые страницы инструкции, которую вы найдете выше. To log only unanswered calls, press the To configure new call indication, press the To configure Preferred Name Match, press the Press the Select soft key. Use the dialpad to enter the number at the prompt.

Use the dialpad to edit the number. Make a call Make a call This section describes features associated with making a call. There are several ways to make a call from an IP Phone Use Off-hook dialing 1. To terminate the call, choose one of the following: Make a call 3.

Dial the number when the dial tone sounds. When the called party answers, lift the handset. Make a call To discontinue a handsfree call: Press the Goodbye key. Goodbye To mute a handsfree call: Press the Mute key. The LED indicator flashes. Press the Mute key again to return to a two-way handsfree conversation. Mute To switch from handsfree to Handset mode: To switch from handsfree to headset: Press the headset key. Use the Directory applications You can make calls using various Directory applications available on your IP Phone Make a call Make a call using Corporate Directory The Corporate Directory feature provides an alphabetical list of entries using last names.

You can search by name, view additional information on each entry, and dial Corporate Directory numbers. To use Corporate Directory, press the Directory key and select Make a call To scroll to a specific number: Make a call Make a call using the Callers List The Callers List feature automatically stores up to a maximum of callers. After callers have been stored, each additional caller overwrites the oldest entry. To use Callers List, press the Directory and select Callers Make a call Make a call using Redial List The Redial List feature automatically stores a maximum of 20 previously dialed telephone numbers.

Make a call Use Predial Use the Predial feature to enter, preview, and edit numbers before dialing. Without selecting the line key, enter the number to be dialed. Press a line key to dial the number. To store an AutoDial number: Without lifting the handset, press the appropriate AutoDial key. Make a call To display an AutoDial number: Press the Display key. Press an AutoDial key in the upper display area to display the number associated with that key.

Press an AutoDial key in the upper display area to dial the number Your IP Phone rings when the person you called becomes available. Ring Again automatically redials the number. To activate Ring Again: Make a call To deactivate Ring Again before notification: Redial the last number called Use the Last Number Redial feature to automatically redial the last dialed number. Make a call To store a Speed Call number: Press the Speed Call Controller key.

The triangular icon flashes, indicating programming mode. To make a System Speed Call: Make a call Make an Intercom call Use the Intercom feature to call a member of your intercom group by pressing the code assigned to each member.

To make an Intercom call: Press the Intercom key. Answer a call Answer a call Each incoming call causes the telephone to ring, the LCD indicator flash, and the Message Indicator lamp to flash.

To answer a call: While on an active call While on an active call This section describes features available during an active call. Place a call on hold Use the Hold feature when talking on one line and another call arrives on a second line.

Retain the original call by putting it on hold and then answer the second call. While on an active call Transfer a call Use the Transfer feature to redirect a call to the appropriate person. To use the Transfer feature to direct a call to a third party: Press the Transfer key. The other party is on hold and a dial tone sounds. While on an active call Use Timed Reminder Recall Use the Timed Reminder Recall feature to receive a reminder tone when a transferred call is not answered.

To use Timed Reminder Recall: The call is put on hold. While on an active call If the transferred call is not answered, your telephone rings: Lift the handset to reconnect to the original caller. While on an active call Use Attendant Recall Use the Attendant Recall feature to contact an attendant during a call and to connect the call to the attendant. To contact the attendant while on a call: Press the Attendant Recall key and stay on the line until the attendant answers.

Press the Park key. Dial the DN where you want to park the call. While on an active call 4. Choose one of the following. To retrieve a parked call: Dial the DN where you parked the call. If a parked call is not retrieved within a specified period of time, it rings back to your telephone or to the While on an active call 2. Press the flashing line DN key. The call waiting information displays.

When used with other feature keys, the Display key displays information associated with those feature keys. Trace a Malicious call Use the Malicious Call Trace feature to trace nuisance calls within your system.

Incoming calls Incoming calls This section describes features that are used with incoming calls. Activate Automatic Answerback When the Automatic Answerback feature is active, your set automatically answers in Handsfree mode after one ring; however, calls are not forwarded to the voice message service. To activate Automatic Answerback: Press the Automatic Answerback To answer an incoming call in another call pickup group: Dial the DN of the telephone that is ringing in your call pickup group.

If the pickup DN or group number is invalid an overflow burst tone sounds and the screen displays Goodbye and try again , press the Goodbye key. It also puts the current call on hold while you answer the new call. To answer an incoming call while on another call: Incoming calls If you do not have a Call Waiting key: Press the Goodbye key to end the current call.

Press the line DN key beside the flashing status icon to answer the incoming call. While away from your desk While away from your desk This section describes features to use when you are away from your desk. If the telephone is in the process of ringing, the call cannot be forwarded. While away from your desk To quit Call Forward: Press the Forward key twice. Calls originating outside your telephone system still ring at your telephone.

Current incoming calls cannot be forwarded. To forward internal calls: While away from your desk To reinstate Call Forward to the same number: Press the Internal Call Forward key twice. To activate Remote Call Forward: While away from your desk 6.

Dial the number to which calls are being forwarded. If calls are forwarded to an invalid number, a fast busy signal sounds. To deactivate Remote Call Forward: While away from your desk Secure your telephone Use the Electronic Lock feature to prevent others from making calls from your telephone.

To lock your telephone: While away from your desk To unlock your telephone: Dial your Station Control Password. Talk with more than one person Talk with more than one person This section describes features that enable conversations between more than two people. This creates a conference between the two callers and yourself. Talk with more than one person To set up a conference call: While on a call, press the Conference key to place the party on hold.

You receive dial tone. Dial the number of the person you want to add to the conference call. Talk with more than one person Use the Conferee Selectable Display and Disconnect feature Use the Conferee Selectable Display feature to list active conferees and disconnect a conferee from the conference call. To view active conferees: Talk with more than one person 3. If configured, the Conference Count Display returns an updated total count of conferees. The LCD indicator turns off.

Talk with more than one person — When a person in your group is on a conference call or another group call, they are not connected to your group call. Work without interruption Work without interruption This section describes features that provide uninterrupted work time.

To activate Make Set Busy: Additional call features Additional call features Contact your system administrator to determine if the following call features are available on your telephone. Additional call features Use the Buzz signal Use the Buzz feature to notify another person of a call, a visitor, or a request.

Two telephones that are linked together enable one person to signal the other. The person signaled hears a buzz. To buzz the telephone linked to your telephone: Additional call features 4. Additional call features To charge a local or long-distance call to an account before you dial: Dial the charge account number. When the dial tone sounds, dial the number.

Additional call features 3. Press the line DN key to return to the call. To charge a call to an account when you transfer a call: The call is placed on hold. Additional call features 5. Press the Transfer key when you hear the telephone ring. You can talk privately to the person at the transfer number before you press the Transfer key. To charge a call to an account when you add someone to a conference call: Use Enhanced Override to make a simple call or a consultation call, such as placing a call on hold and calling another party.

To terminate the call, press the Goodbye key. Goodbye Use Forced Camp-on feature Use the Forced Camp-on feature to automatically ring another telephone internal or external immediately after that telephone disconnects from its current call.

To use Forced Camp-on: You are receiving a busy signal after dialing a telephone number. Additional call features Answering a call camped-on to your extension: When your telephone rings, lift the handset. You can program your telephone for either Camp-on or Call Waiting, but not both.

Additional call features Override a busy signal Use the Override feature to override a busy signal and interrupt another call. Dial a telephone number and receive a busy signal. To use Privacy Release in an established state: Press the Privacy Release key during a call.

If your call goes unanswered for a preset time period and a second high- pitched tone sounds followed by silence, Goodbye press the Goodbye key or replace the handset. To use Automatic Post selection: The called party is either busy on the telephone or away from their desk.

To page the called party, there is no need to redial the number of the called party. Additional call features To answer a Radio Page: If you carry a Radio Pager, a page indicates that someone dialed your DN. If the Radio Page system is set up to function in Meet-me mode, you can answer the page call from any telephone. Goodbye To respond to a voice call: Additional features Additional features Personal Directory Use the Personal Directory feature to create and store up to directory entries.

A Personal Directory entry can contain: Use the dialpad to enter the name. Do one of the following: To edit an entry: Additional features To delete an entry: Press the Delete soft key. Additional features To search for an entry: Additional features To dial an entry: Press the Dial key. To delete an entry: Additional features To delete the entire Callers List: Press the Delete key. Redial List can stored up to 20 entries in the list.

When the list is full, the system over-writes the oldest entry, Use the Redial List feature to review calls made, and to redial previously dialed calls. To delete the entire Redial List: At the prompt, enter your User ID. Logged on to an IP Phone Figure 6: Additional features Figure 7: Additional features To regain operation of a telephone being used for Virtual Office: To completely disconnect your office telephone from the remote telephone: Press the Home key.

Enter your User ID and password this logs the office telephone back on to your office network. Additional features Virtual Office logout 1. Table 2 lists error messages and actions to correct the causes. Additional features Table 2: User ID is not in Notify system Gatekeeper administrator. At any time during Normal Mode, you can check local mode functionality make and receive calls by enabling Local Mode and returning to Normal Mode.

Press the Select key the telephone registers back to the Main Office. Table 3 lists error messages and actions to correct the causes.

Hospitality features Hospitality features Hospitality features are intended for hotel operations. From your telephone, you can program the system to automatically place a call to yourself at a predetermined time. When you answer the call, recorded music plays for up to 30 seconds, followed by a prerecorded announcement or the attendant.

Hospitality features To quit an Automatic Wake-Up call: Goodbye To verify the time for the Automatic Wake-Up call: Goodbye Activate Message Registration Use the Message Registration feature to read, change, or reset meters that log your hotel telephone calls.

Press the Message Registration key. Dial the room Directory Number DN. Dial the correct meter count. To reset a meter to zero: