Инструкция пользователя pioneer pdp 502mxe

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Keep this manual in a safe place. You will find it useful in the future. This product may be used only with Model PDK stand. Use with other stands may result in instability causing possible injury. This product is marketed assuming that it is installed by qualified personnel with enough skill and competence. Always have an installation specialist or your dealer install and set up the product.

PIONEER cannot assume liabilities for damage caused by mistake in installation or mounting, misuse, modification or a natural disaster. After installation, be sure to deliver this manual to the customer and explain to the customer how to handle the product. The following symbols are found on labels attached to the product. They alert the operators and service personnel of this equipment to any potentially dangerous conditions. This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which can result in personal injury or property damage.

This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which can result in severe personal injury or death. The XGA wide panel incorporates pioneering developments that have allowed realization of more than 2. With a definition of pixels horizontal and pixels vertical, the XGA wide panel provides unsurpassed reproduction of a wide range of images from personal computers. Even in the case of luminance, which is difficult to keep consistent with the level of definition, using originally developed PIONEER technology for optimization, top level luminance has been achieved at this definition.

As well as producing a 50 inch wide screen, which has been difficult to do with a direct view CRT, the extremely thin 9. Designed to be attached to a wall, set on a table top stand or placed on a floor rack, this unit can be installed many ways.

With the adoption of a vertical twin system designed with a 2. Although the cabinet depth is only 7. When speakers are attached, the operation panel. Installation and Connections 1 Organize cables together using the provided speed clamps. Power cord connection Insert 1 into an appropriate hole on the rear of the unit, then snap 2 into the back of 1 to fix the clamp.

Connect a power cord after all component connections have been completed. Speed clamps are designed to be difficult to undo once in place. Cross-sectional area 3 x 1. If the personal computer being used is a model where. Outlined on the following pages is how to turn the main power on and off, put this unit in the operation or standby 3 INPUT3 mode and how to select connected components.

Полноэкранный просмотр -, Чтобы удобно просматривать инструкцию без скачивания на компьютер Вы можете использовать режим полноэкранного просмотра. Если ты все же не хотите занимать место на своем устройстве, Вы всегда можете скачать ее из ManualsBase. Panneau De Raccordement Vor Der Inbetriebnahme Verlegung Der Kabel Wahl Des Bildschirmformats Precauzioni Di Sicurezza Uso Di Questo Manuale Regolazione Del Volume Installation Of The Unit Aansluiten Van Het Netsnoer Oplossen Van Problemen Precauciones De Seguridad Mando A Distancia Table of contents Table Of Contents Howto Use This Manual